The April Playlist | Music Post

I’m back with another music playlist and honestly this one is a good one! Right now, I’m in a ‘lovey dovey’ place – don’t ask me why because I’m single AF but I’m happy and I think that it reflects in what I’m listening to. Last week I had a little stint in Miami and […]

Denim Essentials | Style Post

In Toronto, we’re still transitioning from winter to spring even though it has technically been spring for some time now…sigh. I put this look together that I feel gives off a warm-ish vibe but is also heavy enough to wear with these up and down temperatures (canadian problems). I’ve always been a sucker for denim […]

Air Max Day With Nike At Livestock | Style + Lifestyle Post

If you’re a sneaker head then you’re probably familiar with what tomorrow is – and if you’re not i’ll tell you… #AirMaxDay. Tomorrow, all over the globe and on the internet you’ll be sure to see people sporting their favourite Air Max’s, sharing stories and lining up at select stores trying to purchase 1 or […]


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