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#RunMore With Adidas | Nov. 1st. 2015

RUNMORE | Christian ConfidentialRace season is in full swing and my friends over at Adidas Canada are about to take things to the next level. November 1st at 1:00 am (yes you read it correctly) be prepared to #runmore. The distance is 10k and is open to all levels of runners. It’s daylight savings that night so we’ve got an extra hour and what better way to use it than to get your sweat on. After the run it’s the after-party (in my best Jay Z voice) and it’s going to be LIT! Lights, Dj’s, drinks and the city’s running community all together celebrating! Sounds like a fun night to me. For more information and to register for the race check out their official page here.




 If you’re coming here from Instagram, this is the extended version of the video that my team and I shot for the #runmore 10k campaign.  We had a lot of fun working on this one so I hope that you guys like it!

Directed by: T.M. Reid of TinMantra for Christian Confidential.comRUNMORE | Christian ConfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

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Ultra Boost Running Shoe – Adidas

 | Supernova Storm Jacket – Adidas | 3- stripes chelsea shorts – Adidas | Supernova Long Tights – Adidas | Supernova black tee (similar here) – Adidas

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Street Style Essentials w/ Vaughan Mills | #TreatTheHeat

Christian Confidential | Vaughan MillsChristian Confidential | Vaughan MillsOver the last few weeks I’ve been working with Vaughan Mills on a cool project that launched today! If you live in the downtown Toronto area you may be in for an upscale treat! Be on the lookout for the Vaughan Mills ‘Fashion Truck’, starting today until the 19th of July, that’s featuring a look that I styled along with 4 other fashion influencers.

Since the Pan Am Games are currently underway, I decided to build a look based around street style essentials with an  athletic feel to it. I picked out items that I think every street style enthusiast should have or could make good use of. To me, a motto jacket, longline tee, skinny jeans and a pair of Nike Roshe One’s are always a good idea.

Not only do you get to check out the looks that we put together, to help beat the heat, enjoy a premium ice cream when you tweet #TreatTheHeat to @Vaughan_Mills. As well, by using the official #hashtag in your tweet you automatically get a chance to win a prize that I picked out! If you know me, you know I couldn’t pick anything other than shoes and trust me these are good ones! Scroll down to see my selection at the bottom hint, they’re Nike’s!

Best of luck, and follow Vaughan Mills on Twitter and Instagram to find out where the ‘Fam Jam’ will be making their stops throughout the week!


**special thank you to H&M for letting us take over the fitting room! Christian Confidential | Vaughan MillsChristian Confidential | Vaughan MillsChristian Confidential | Vaughan MillsChristian Confidential | Vaughan MillsKobe X ‘Fundamentals’ … you can thank me later :)!

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Can’t Go Wrong With Classics | Style Post

Christian Confidential | LacosteKeeping it super preppy yet casual with this style post. A Slim fit polo, khakis and a fresh pair of white Lacoste sneakers always make for a great outfit combination. Growing up my parents use to always dress me in preppy outfits like this and to this day this style is still a go-to for me. Whether you’re going on a first date, grabbing lunch with the boys or simply running around downtown, you’ll look fresh in this fit. If you’re looking for a little twist on the classic white sneakers, check out the ones that I’m wearing - still white but the pop of blue and red detailing give it a little more edge than your typical all-white kicks.  

Christian Confidential | LacosteChristian Confidential | LacosteChristian Confidential | LacosteWhat I’m Wearing

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Slim Fit Polo – LACOSTE | The Khaki (skinny fit)  – GAP | Combra Pri Sneakers – LACOSTE

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Nautical Aesthetic ft. Lacoste | Style Post

Lacoste | Christian ConfidentialLacoste | Christian ConfidentialThe other night, I went out for a run by the lakeshore with my friend and got inspired. I’ve always been a wanderer looking for my next adventure or an opportunity to learn and there’s something about being near water that encourages that feeling for me. Later that night, I went home and started putting together new looks for the blog and I decided to play up on the whole nautical theme. I paired this navy blue striped sweater with my white denim shorts and my new Lacoste slip-ons that I got from Town Shoes. These kicks will definitely be in heavy rotation this summer since they’re so easy to wear,  super versatile when it comes to pairing with outfits and have a little bit of an edge to them with the inclusion of denim fabric on the upper canvas. I think what I like most about this look is that it’s super clean and embodies a classic more mature feel to it. Now the trick for me will be how to make sure my whites (shorts and slip-ons) stay clean. – Wish me luck!Lacoste | Christian ConfidentialLacoste | Christian ConfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

  Navy Striped Sweater – H&M (available in stores)|  Denim Shorts  – H&M| Maurice Slip-Ons – LACOSTE (available online and in stores at Town Shoes) |


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A Special Night In – Inspired by 50 Shades of Grey | + Giveaway

50 Shades of Grey | Christian Confidential If you’ve been on social media over the last few days I’m sure you’ve seen the buzz surrounding the May 1st digital release of one of the biggest movies of the year, 50 Shades of Grey. Well I’ve teamed up with Universal Pictures to not only give a few of my lucky readers the chance to win a DVD package of the movie, (which is available in stores May 8th) but also to give you guys an idea on how you can celebrate bringing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s home.

As I’m sure a lot of you all know, I tend to lean more on the romantic side of the spectrum, so for me, this was a cool project to work on.  I couldn’t think of a more perfect way than to treat yourself or your lover to a romantic night in, that’ll  get you in the mood for the steamy romance of Christian and Anastasia.

I’m a visual person so I’ve put together a few photos and a short video clip to give you guys an idea of how you can have the perfect night in..

50 Shades of Grey | Christian Confidential

To recreate this experience yourself, here’s a list of the items that I used:

Champagne – Whenever I’m treating myself, champagne is always included in the equation. Maybe I’m childish but the bubbles always make me smile uncontrollably .

Red Roses – I’ve never met a person that didn’t feel special when they received a bouquet of roses. Put them in a vase beside your champagne and snacks or sprinkle the petals around to give you more of a romantic feel.

Bath Bomb- Every now and then, who doesn’t like a good soak in the tub? La Vanille from Bathorium is definitely one of my go-to bath bombs.

Candles- It’s all about being committed, candles not only help you relax but sets the vibe of the evening.

Chocolate - You’ll need something to snack on while you’re watching #FiftyShades of Grey and Godiva chocolates are honestly one my favourites!

50 Shades Of Grey | Christian Confidential

I hope that this post gave you a few ideas on how you can celebrate your night in with 50 Shades of Grey.  If you’d like to win a copy of the movie, look out for a special post on my Instagram later today and tag a friend that you know will be watching the movie too!


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One Suit: Two Ways | Style Post

RW&CO | Christian ConfidentialSpring is finally here and that means one thing, out with the old and in with the new. I’ve been doing a lot of spring cleaning recently and got rid of a lot of old clothes that I’ve collected over the year and putting most of my warmer items into storage ( I still live in Canada, so I can’t put them all away). Spring also signifies the beginning of wedding season. – I don’t know about you, but the older I get the more wedding invitations I seem to be receiving (I’m only 25..sigh). Getting dressed up for these occasions can start to get a little pricey so I’ve teamed up with my friends at RW&CO to showcase how you can get the most out of your suit. I’ve put together a few tips to help facilitate shopping for the perfect suit that’ll help you not only look your best but feel your best while wearing it.RW&CO | Christian ConfidentialRW&CO | Christian ConfidentialTip #1  Colour – If you’re only going to have a couple of suits in your closet make sure that one of them is a classic colour; grey, blue, or black. – They’re the most versatile colours to build with and if they’re of good quality they can be brought over from season to season.RW&CO | Christian ConfidentialTip #2 Fit – It’s 2015 guys, it’s time to get comfortable wearing more fitted clothes, so why not start with your suit? My favourite fit from RW&CO is the ‘Miles’ fit. It’s the slimmest of their three options (Miles, Preston, Haddington) that they carry and happens to be one of their most popular. If you’re apprehensive about purchasing a suit off the rack, RW&CO offers alterations to allow your suit to fit just the way you’d like it to. RW&CO | Christian ConfidentialTip #3 Shirts & Accessories – Once the foundation has been selected, the fun part begins. I don’t get dressed up too often but when I do, I love being able to find cool but subtle ways to making myself stand apart from the crowd. I decided to showcase how you can do that through your choice of shirt and accessories. In my first look I decided to wear a bold coloured dress shirt and then use a more subtle coloured options with the pairing of the tie, vest and pocket square to tone it down a little. Which is just the way I like it. I went for a classic white dress shirt in my second look and paired it with a bright tie. Sometimes you can make the biggest statements through the smallest pieces. RW&CO | Christian ConfidentialI had so much fun putting these looks together and if you guys have any tips that you’d like to share with us, I’d love to hear them and you know how to get in contact with me! Cheers to spring & wedding season.

What I’m Wearing

Miles (Wool Blend Suit) – RW&CO | Fitted Two- Tone Shirt – RW&CO | Fitted Shirt (white)RW&CO |

Skinny TieRW&CO | Solid TieRW&CO | Pocket Square – RW&CO | Vest – RW&CO | Shoes – LACOSTE

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Borrowing From The Hipsters | Style Post

Unpredictable | Christian ConfidentialRecently I’ve been really interested in experimenting with different colour palettes and pieces that I wouldn’t necessarily gravitate towards. I think it’s really important to not only try new things when it comes to fashion but to get outside of your comfort zone and be a little creative. It’s spring so light colours are everywhere and even though I’m not a huge trend guy I’ve decided to try out the whole coloured denim craze. Since the mint green is something I’ve never tried before,I decided to pair it with a cream sweater and my new Sherbrooke Brogue 4’s (Lacoste) that I got from Town Shoes. I think the colour combo really works well together and totally gives off a cool hipster vibe, especially because of the detailing on my kicks. Clean, stylish with a vintage feel this look would be perfect for a casual dinner with friends or an evening stroll throughout the city. Sherbooke Brogues | Christian ConfidentialUnpredictable | Christian ConfidentialUnpredictable | Christian ConfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

  Sweater – TOMMY HILFIGER |  Coloured Denim – H&M|

Sherbrooke Brogue 4 – LACOSTE 

(available online & in stores at Town Shoes)

Live Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential Colette
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Live Beautifully – The Lifestyle Series by Christian Confidential & Lacoste

Live Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteWhat has seemed like such a long time coming, spring has finally arrived and is hopefully here to stay. With that being said, there’s a lot of great things on deck that I can’t wait to share with you guys. First up, Christian Confidential has partnered with Lacoste on their global lifestyle campaign Live Beautifully. Last year, Lacoste and Christian Confidential teamed up to put on the successful Brunch Fixe event and because of the great time that we had working together we’ve decided to team up again. This time around we’ll be creating a 3 part spring/summer vignette series that will highlight fashion, lifestyle & ways that you too can #LiveBeautifully.Live Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteLive Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteLive Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteFor the first entry of this series, I chose to highlight the significant role that friendship plays in living a beautiful life. With the help of my favourite parisian inspired restaurant Colette Grand Cafe, I was able to spend some quality time with a few of my good friends. There’s no better way  to catch up with your friends than over  Sunday brunch and if you’re looking for a place that knows how to do it in style, Colette is the perfect location.  Great food, refreshing cocktails (ask them to make you a Jolie cocktail, it’s my favourite), amazing ambiance and excellent customer service, you’ll never leave disappointed. Check out the video that my creative partner Alexander Kim created to give you  guys a better glimpse into our experience.

[video_box video_url=”″]

Live Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteLive Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteFor me, the friendships that I’ve made along my journey have really helped mold the person that I am today. Sometimes life can get extremely busy and you don’t always get the chance to spend as much time with the ones you love. I chose to highlight the importance of not only making time for your loved ones but making that time together really count.Live Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteLive Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteI wouldn’t be able to talk about living beautifully without mentioning the importance of fashion. Bright colours, soft palettes and fresh sneakers are the perfect way to welcome the new season. My friends Daniel, Nykeem, Isaac and I really tried to highlight the various ways that you can express your unique style within this series. Whether you’re preference leans towards polos or light sweaters to classic white sneakers or stylish boots Lacoste’s spring/summer collection has something for everyone. With the brands continued commitment to innovation, quality and style, Lacoste is a company that I can always recommend to others without hesitation.Live Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteLive Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteLive Beautifully | Lacoste Christian Confidential ColetteI hope that you guys enjoyed the first instalment of the Live Beautifully series as much as we did creating it! Thank you to everyone that helped make this possible, the Christian Confidential team, Lacoste, Deck Agency, Colette Grand Café and my friends for being apart of this initiative.


For more information on the apparel and footwear featured in this post, please visit

To learn more about Colette Grand Café or to make a reservation please visit

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Camel Tones & Patchwork Denim | Style Post

Trust Your Journey | Style PostHi guys, I’ve decided to switch things up slightly with this post and focus a little more on life rather than style. The last few weeks for me have been a little frustrating to say the least. I don’t know if it’s just the weather or something in my subconscious that was trying to reveal itself  but something was definitely off. I’m a Gemini so I know that my spirit is very sensitive and can be easily affected by the different types of energy that surrounds me but this time around I just couldn’t shake those negative vibes. I took some time to myself to try and reflect, hence the limited posting action but I’m back and feeling much better! Whenever I’m down I tend to read more and search for inspirational quotes and I always come back to this one idea; trusting your journey. Things are going to happen and you’re going to have rough patches in every area of your life (personal, health, career, finance etc..) but it all happens for a reason. You just have to believe that there’s a lesson to be learned in every misfortune and that those times or events really help shape the person you’re meant to be.

About a month ago I had a feature in IN Magazine where the focus was on sexuality in sports. I was asked to provide  a quote that depicted the best life lesson that I’ve learned so far and I’d like to share it with you guys as well; “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny” – C.S Lewis

Trust Your Journey | Style PostTrust Your Journey | Style PostI’ve held onto that quote for some time now and I recently found another quote that inspired the direction of this style post; Don’t confuse your path with your destination. Just because it’s stormy now doesn’t mean that you aren’t headed for sunshine. To some, this quote might sound juvenile but for me I saw it at the right time and it really resonated with me. Personally, I just felt that I owed you guys an explanation for my disappearance and I also just wanted to share my reaffirmed learnings! I hope your week is off to a great start and that you’re staying warm! #ItsBeenAColdWinter  #SharingIsCaring Outfit details below!

Trust Your Journey | Style PostTrust Your Journey | Style PostWhat I’m Wearing

 Camel Coat  – BANANA REPUBLIC |  Crew Neck Sweater – TOMMY HILFIGER | Oxford Shirt - TOMMY HILFIGER| Patchwork Jeans– FOREVER21| Striped Socks – FOREVER21 | Chuck Taylor – CONVERSE