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Earth Tones & Denim

Christian Confidential | Christian ThompsonI’ve got a short yet dope style post for you guys this evening. It’s technically not spring yet, but slowly and surely I’m starting to sprinkle in some more earthy tones and lighter colours into my staples. I decided to throw on some khaki joggers, a denim jacket (a must have spring staple), layered over a tanned coloured sweatshirt  and a longline tee. It’s casual, looks effortless and super comfortable!

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What I’m Wearing

1969 Icon Denim Jacket – The GAP  | Longline Sweatshirt – FOREVER21 | Khaki Joggers (similar here) | Men’s Kiel Leather Shoe  – ADIDAS ORIGINALS|

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Flannel Vibes

Christian Confidential | Christian ThompsonIf you pay attention to men’s fashion, you’ve probably noticed an increase in the amount of flannel being carried by your favourite brands or boutiques. I can’t really tell you who started this trend or why all of a sudden it’s becoming more and more popular but I’m not complaining. I love flannel, not all the time but if it’s worn right it can definitely bring your look up a notch. Flannel always makes me think of the west coast and the 90’s, which in my opinion are both amazing. I paired my vintage  flannel shirt with a graphic tee, some khaki joggers and my white huaraches. Super clean, super casual and oh so wavy! Continue Reading…

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Don’t Let Em’ Dim Your Light

christian thompson | christian confidentialHi guys, I hope that your week has started off on a good note! My apologies for being MIA last week, I won’t let it happen again unless I have a super amazing reason (and being busy isn’t one of them). I’m obviously going to talk about this dope casual look that I put together but I wanted to send some positive vibes directly to you guys first . Over the last week or so, I’ve been having  some very deep conversations with a few of my close friends and taking some time to reflect on how I’ve been feeling lately. Being a Blogger, I share more parts of my life than most people do and by doing so, I open myself up to more people having perceived notions of me, good and bad (which for the most part, I’m cool with). I mentioned  in a previous post, the importance of learning not to care too much about what people think and recently I’ve had a few instances where my advice has  been tested. I have pretty thick skin  and as much as I’ve learned to ignore a lot of things, negative energy and words can still hurt and get under your skin, sometimes.  For those moments that you can’t shake it off right away, just remember you’re only responsible for your actions and not those of others. It’s important to have a strong grasp on who you are, where you’re going and to not let negative people get in the way. Think of these experiences like a test, they only get harder the closer you are to your desired destination. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has these days or deals with these type of situations so I just wanted to share a quick reminder to not let them dim your light. They might not want to see you win **Dj Khaled voice** but I sure do! Continue Reading…

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The February Playlist

February Playlist | Christian ConfidentialHi guys, I’m back this week with my monthly playlist. February has been such a great month in so many ways, especially for music. We had releases from Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye amongst others, that had the internet in a frenzy. I’m going to make a note to say that I didn’t include any songs from The Life of Pablo on this list as I haven’t ‘taken it in’ the way that I want to yet… so expect to see a lot of Kanye on the list next month. I’m not sure if it’s because February is the month of love but for some reason my playlist is 90% r&b but I’m loving it and I hope you do too! Continue Reading…

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Might Change Your Life

monochrome vibes | christian confidentialIt’s Thursday, February 11th and there’s so many drops happening that I’m sure you’re all excited about. 1. Riccardo Tisci and Nike’s collaboration comes out in New York today (see here)… have you seen them? I feel like he literally made them for specifically for me! 2. Kanye drops his album today The Life of Pablo aka the reason why I’ve held off on my February Playlist! 3. All Star Weekend in Toronto has officially started and it’s been pretty lit so far – i’ll have updates for you shortly. Continue Reading…

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Tunnel Vision

Christian Confidential | Style Post Hi guys – so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. I styled this ever so comfy yet dope look (in my opinion), that you could probably catch me wearing any day of the week. I’ve always been a fan of graphic tees but tend to struggle in finding the perfect ones – I swear there’s an art to it. Like most things that I like, it has to be the ‘right’ everything for me to rock it or I won’t mess with it at all. While I was in Paris, I picked up this YEEZUS Tour t-shirt and a couple other graphics tees from Eleven Paris. I threw on a pair of loose ripped denim, a grey hoodie, my olive bomber and a pair of roshes to complete the look! 

I hope you guys like it!

Christian Christian Confidential | Style PostChristian Confidential | Style PostChristian Confidential | Style PostWhat I’m Wearing


Oversized Grey Hoodie – HM (similar here) | Ripped Denim – ZARA (old) | Roshe One – NIKE | Flight Bomber – MANIERE DE VOIR (similar here)|

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Kicking Off 2016 w/ Lacoste

lacoste | Christian ConfidentialFirst of all, I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! The last few weeks have been a little crazy on my end with all the holiday commitments, planning content and projects for this year and everything else in between. Enough with the boring stuff though, this is my first style post of 2016 and it’s a good one I might add :)! I told myself this year, I’m going to experiment a little more with my wardrobe and I think this look is a great starting point. For me, army prints are always a hit or a miss, there’s no in between. The trick to making it a hit, is to 1. not over do it and 2. everything else has to compliment it.  I decided to throw on a camo jacket over a basic sweatshirt, paired with some ripped denim (obviously) and completed the look with my new high top sneakers from Lacoste. It’s street, it’s edgy, it’s the perfect casual get up to start the year in!

Christian lacoste | Christian Confidential@Lacoste Turbo High-Top Sneakers – Nappa leather FTW!

lacoste | Christian ConfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

Turbo High-Top Sneakers – LACOSTE

Military Jacket–  MANIERE DE VOIR | Ripped Denim – TOPMAN (similar here) | Basic Sweatshirt – H&M | Tuque – HERSHEL SUPPLY CO. (similar here)

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The Best Choice

Adidas | Christian ConfidentialHey guys, I hope that you’re all doing well. Can you believe we’re already eleven days into December and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping yet?!? I just came back from a two-day trip to New York with Adidas that I can’t wait to share but in the meantime I put together a little style post for you guys.

You know how I feel about black, it’s a safe choice but depending on how you rock it, it can be the best choice. This outfit is street, casual and edgy all wrapped into one. Layered the top portion with a black zippered tee and a long line tank underneath, added some skinny jeans, a tuque, and finally broke in my Tubular Sneaker boot GSG9. This is something easy to throw together and wear around the city doing everyday stuff! – I hope you like it!

What I’m Wearing

Tubular Sneaker boot GSG9 – Adidas Originals

Black Tee (old) –  H&M (similar here)| Ripped Denim – H&M (similar here) | Long line Tee – Urban Outfitters | Tuque – H&M

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Tobago with Fashion Vanguard

Fashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialIt’s December 1st and as I sit down and write this travel post, I must say that the last half of this year has truly been a blessed one. One of the things that I love about being a blogger is that it opens doors to opportunities that can sometimes be life changing. Last month I got the opportunity to travel to the island of Tobago and learn a little bit about their lifestyle and fashion.

The great people at Fashion Vanguard invited us down to check out their inaugural fashion buyers exhibition. This exhibition showcased 9 reputable designers with roots from the island.

I, of course had my favourites and gravitated towards more of your staples/essentials from a brand titled I Say U Clothing. It’s cool to see what works in regards to fashion in other parts of the world and it’s even cooler to see the influence of different cultures reflected in the garments. Fashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialLinen (for it’s breathability, I’m sure) was a common fabric used throughout a lot of the featured designers especially the menswear line, Millhouse. Neoprene, which is one of my favourite materials this year was very well displayed throughout some of the womenswear designers such as, Lush KingdomFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialPhotography by: Vitina Blumenthal for ChristianConfidential.comFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialAfter taking in all the dope fashion, it was time to get a taste of the Tobago lifestyle. Beautiful weather, friendly people and great food (I tried shark for the first time), I’m not really sure what else I could’ve asked for. We spent some time at  Pigeon Point beach, partied at the infamous ‘Shade’ nightclub and relaxed by the pool at our villa. All in all, this was a great experience and Tobago is filled with hidden gems and treasure both in fashion and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a destination to unwind and reflect, Tobago is a destination to consider. A special thank you to everyone that made our stay what it was especially; Jamilia, Karen, Kery & Kevon.

Until next time,