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Interval Training

Fitness Tip | Interval Training

Few things are better for your body than adding a solid interval routine into your cardio program.  Pushing yourself mentally & physically will bring benefits that you will see & feel faster than you’d have thought possible.

An easy way to add interval training into your next workout is one minute of high intensity running followed by forty-five seconds of moderate jogging, cycled five or more times.  As you improve, shorten the recovery cycle to keep it challenging.  Fitness Tip | Interval Training

Of course, good gear is as important as a good attitude and these Nike Flyknit Lunar 2’s were the perfect shoe for this kind of activity – super light & built to compliment your natural foot rhythm, they definitely help you be your best.

What I’m Wearing

 Pro Combat Hyperwarm Compression Tights – NIKE | FlyKnit Lunar 2 – NIKE | Fuel Band 2 – NIKE | Black  Leather Snapback – Vintage |