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HI BB’S – I wanted to jump on the blog and share something that I’ve recently added to my skincare routine. I actually shared these images from a campaign I did via social media but didn’t want to leave my blog readers out of the mix!

Okay, so I’ve recently started taking collagen regularly and the brand I’m using is called Neocell. We produce collagen naturally but the older we get (even if we’ll forever look 25 haha), the less collagen our bodies produce. Taking collagen helps with hair, nails, skin, muscles, bones and so much more.

I’ve noticed the biggest change in my nails and sweetie, that’s enough for me, lol. I take two different kinds of collagen from the brand. Neocell Collage Protein Peptides which is the product featured in these images. I take 1-scoop of this post workout either mixed into my juice or a smoothie.

The second one that I take is called Neocell Derma Matrix Collagen – I take this one on my rest days from the gym.

I really like these pictures and I’m always going to put y’all on game, aka my new beauty secrets!

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Living In The Moment With Olay Regenerist Whip SPF25

This post is sponsored by Olay Canada but all opinions within are my own. 

So, warm weather has finally decided to make an appearance in Canada and hopefully that means that it’s here to stay. I don’t know about you but after the year that we’ve had, I plan on taking full advantage of the beautiful weather for as long as I can.

That being said, although I know that the use of sunscreen is important all year round (even when it’s cloudy), I recently made it my mission to find the perfect SPF to compliment my skincare regimen.

Olay Regenerist Whip SPF25 has become the newest addition to my skincare line up and I’ll share with you a few reasons why…

I’ve had problematic skin in the past and have sensitive skin overall. I tend to be very selective about the products that I use and I only add items that elevate my skin – Olay Regenerist Whip SPF25 does just that! 

The Active Rush Technology used to create the Whip SPF25 allows for the creamy lightweight texture to transform into liquid on your skin effortlessly. Which makes it easy to absorb without clogging your pores and leaving that grey or greasy film (yuck) that some sunscreens do.

Olay Regenerist Whip SPF25 not only acts as a sunscreen but can be used as a moisturizer as well – basically a 2-in-1! So, not only does it protect your skin from UV rays, it also hydrates and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Personally, I enjoy this feature for the days that I’m in a rush or when I have to get ready outside of the house – as it’s time efficient and cuts back on the products I have to carry.  

I also really like the fact that the technology used within Olay Regenerist Whip SPF25 was created with an anti-aging formula in mind. This formula helps with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which you all know that I’m trying to hold onto my youth for as long as I possibly can (lol). 

Overall, I like to live my life as freely as I can and I love knowing that the products that I’m choosing to use are continuously working for me. That reassurance that I’m not only protecting my skin but nurturing it by using Olay Regenerist Whip SPF25 allows me to live a little more in the moment and to me that’s priceless! 

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Fresh Notes with Prada

@christianconfidential It’s finally feeling like spring in Toronto, which I honestly can’t be more about happy about. We didn’t have a bad winter (temperature wise) but it was a very dragged out one. The older that I get, I’m convinced that I was meant to live somewhere warm all year round. I’m such a happier and productive person, it’s literally like night and day!

That being said, I’ve partnered with Prada fragrances on a social media campaign for the year and I’ve just released the second edition of the partnership. This time around we were working on digital content for their latest fragrance Prada L’Eau, which came out at the perfect moment in my opinion. The fragrance is filled with floral notes, hints of amber and red ginger – I think you guys will really like it!

For me, I always opt for fragrances that are lighter in scent and have a fresh airy vibe to them and Prada L’Eau definitely embodies all of those features. Whenever I spray it on myself, it reminds me of being somewhere tropical or the Mediterranean enjoying a night out wearing linen and just having a great time!

Since, I wasn’t able to recreate that exact vision (sigh, Imagine I was able to shoot this project in Greece LOL), I opted to shoot my images wearing linen, playing with shadows and utilizing the sun. I was really happy with how the photos came out and I hope that you guys enjoy them as well!


@christianconfidential @christianconfidential

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The Key To Confidence

christian thompson | christian confidential

Recently, I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine about confidence. He was asking me for a few tips on how he could build his own and where I get mine from. After discussing it with him for a while, I really took in how significant of a role confidence plays in our lives. There are numerous ways to build confidence but for me, I’m the most confident when I feel and look my best. I teamed up with Philips on a cool project to showcase what a’ Day In My Life’ looks like and how having a  Multigroom 5000 contributes to the confidence that I need to pursue my passions.

I’ve always lived my life with the optimism that everything can change in a moment – it’s literally been the driving factor that has kept me somewhat sane haha! When I’ve been in a bad place in my life, I’d remind myself that it’ll pass and when everything is going really well it also reminds to appreciate the moment. That being said, you never know what might happen, or who you’ll meet on any given day so it’s important to try and put your best self out there as consistently as possible.

You’ll rarely (and I mean rarely) catch me with a clean shaven face or a full blown beard, I’m the guy that likes scruff but not too much scruff (I’m picky, I know haha). It’s important to have a  good shaver in your arsenal to clean up those random hairs and trim your beard when it’s getting too long (or your barber isn’t available) . That’s what I like about the Multigroom 5000, it provides you with good trimming level options, it has turbo power boost (cuts down shaving time) and makes you feel like you’re in total control.

christian thompson | christian confidentialchristian thompson | christian confidential

A good chunk of my work involves being in front of the camera and interacting with people, so having a well groomed face is pretty important for me. It might sound trivial to some people but it’s one less thing that I have to worry about and one more thing that makes me feel better about myself.

We shot this lifestyle video over the course of two days to give you guys a glimpse into what a regular day can consist of for me. Check it out below and I hope that you guys like it!

Learn more details about the Philips Multigroom 5000 here.

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christian thompson | christian confidentialchristian thompson | christian confidentialchristian thompson | christian confidentialchristian thompson | christian confidentialVideo Production and Photography by: Tin Mantra Productions for Christian Confidential 

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Men’s Facials & Spa Treatments | It’s Not Fitness It’s Life

Spa Treatment | Christian ConfidentialIt’s been about 5 months since I’ve joined the Equinox family and I must admit it’s been such a great experience so far. I’ve learned a lot about my body in regards to my fitness and health and continue to be exposed to new and different ways of taking care of myself. I feel a little embarrassed admitting this but until recently I’ve never had a facial. I have fairly sensitive skin and I get really nervous when it comes to trying new products in fear that I’ll have a bad reaction. After speaking with Equinox’s aesthetician Cassandra, she ensured me that I was in good hands.Spa Treatment | Christian ConfidentialSpa Treatment | Christian ConfidentialI opted for the standard men’s facial and had the option of using all organic and non scented products. The whole experience was pretty great; dim lighting, the perfect music, and someone giving your face a gentle massage, I mean how can it not be? Cassandra broke down the experience in a series of 7 steps (cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliate/microdermabrasion, steam, extract, massage and mask). My favourite steps were the steam and the massage.Spa Treatment | Christian ConfidentialSpa Treatment | Christian ConfidentialI asked Cassandra for a few pointers on how guys should maintain their skin on their own and she highlighted the importance of using a serum at night, which helps keep the skin hydrated as well as adding a toner to your skin care regiment. It’s generally recommended to see your aesthetician for a standard facial every 4-6 weeks which will help in the pursuit of anti aging and regular maintenance of the skin. This was my first experience and I’m sure it won’t be my last. The spa also offers a variety of massages, waxing and a few other services for men. It really isn’t just fitness at Equinox it’s a lifestyle. Click here for the complete service list!


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Grooming Essentials | Winter Edition’

Grooming Essentials | Winter Edition

I get asked every now and then about my skincare regimen and I’ve finally decided to share with you guys some of my grooming secrets and tips. Over the last few months I’ve been using all of these products religiously and have been pretty happy with the results. Unlike fashion, when it comes to my skin I prefer not to take too many risk. I’ve had problematic and sensitive skin growing up as a teenager so now that it seems to finally be under control when I find something that works, I stick with it.  Here are a few of my favourite products to use during the colder months.

Toleriane Moisturizer by LAROCHE-POSAY (face cream)

I have super sensitive skin that reacts negatively to a lot of products. If you have similar symptoms then this moisturizer might be perfect for you. Non scented, light and it really penetrates the skin to keep it healthy and looking it’s best.

Cleanser by FORMULAB (face wash)

I have a fairly close relationship with my dermatologist and I think that she’s a total genius. Dr. Sandy Skotnicki has created her own beauty line called FORMULAB and I’m obsessed with her cleanser. I’ve been using it over the last year religiously and it really agrees well with my skin.Grooming Essentials | Winter Edition

Hydraphase Intense Serum by LAROCHE-POSAY (hydrating serum)

This serum has seriously saved my skin during the winter months. I use it along with my moisturizer and it keeps my skin hydrated throughout the entire day. I apply it in the morning and right before I head to bed. Definitely a product I’d recommend adding to your skin care arsenal.

Night by AXE WHITE LABEL (shampoo + conditioner)

The newest addition to my grooming kit is the latest installment from AXE. It’s their 2 in 1 shampoo from their premium line called White Label. With notes of grapefruit, lavender, cedarwood and praline you’re always walking out of the shower with great smelling hair.Grooming Essentials | Winter Edition

The Happy Molecule by FOUNTAIN (supplement)

I’ve mentioned previously that I’m not built for the winter season and this is product is one of the things that has helped me survive. Infused with natural ingredients I take one teaspoon in the morning and I’m good to go. If you suffer from the winter blues, I’d definitely recommend trying this!

I hope that you guys found something on this list that can help bring your skincare game up. If you’ve tried any of these products or have your own recommendations don’t hesitate to give me a shout!