Street Style

Rebellious Era

Hi guys – I’m back on the blog today with a new style post. This was a look that I shot a few weeks back and have been meaning to share it on here but… life kept happening, lol. Anyways, I am in LOVE with this look and I hope that you guys like it too! I’ve been in this IDGAF frequency (more than usual, lol) when it comes to my style and I find that it’s been helping me find inspiration in areas of art that I haven’t really before.

It’s funny because I’m an R&B, Hip Hop kid to my core but there’s something about Punk Rock that I’ve been really gravitating towards as of late. Not so much the music per se but the fashion and the attitude that it embodies – hence the title of this post.

The guys specifically are just so open with wearing what they want, make up (hello eyeliner), tattoos, clothes (skirts, mesh tops, etc..) and I love that kind of freedom of expression. I drew some inspiration from the genre and decided to build a look with this black skirt that I recently got from Simons. I paired it with a long sleeve mesh top, my leather motorcycle jacket, some chunky boots ( I seriously live in these) and my favourite Prada Runway sunglasses.

As always, see some of additional pics below!

Christian 🙂