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My Solemate *mini | Spotlight



This little gadget has been bringing an outsized bit of joy into my life lately.  I’ve only had it for about two weeks but I can honestly say I’ve used it every day since I opened the box – it works well for me because it’s super light and very user friendly.  I’m a bit of a wait-and-see guy when it comes to technology and my friends always bug me for being a slow-adaptor – when I say it’s easy to use, trust me.  The sound quality is top-of-the-line and with about eight hours of battery life it keeps me going from the gym to my desk to getting ready for a night out without running out of juice.  Even though it’s only the beginning of winter this thing has me excited about cottage nights, romantic picnics on the island, or laying by the pool … so many daydreams on these cold winter nights :P!  If you’re looking for a cool holiday gift I’d recommend trying this bad boy out! A few more pics down below!



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Jabra Solemate_Mini_black_01

Jabra Solemate_Mini_yellow_01Jabra Solemate_Mini_blue_01