Street Style

Ride The Wave

@christianconfidentialIt’s been a whirlwind of a time, both good and bad over the last few weeks for me. I, honestly haven’t had this bad of ‘growing pains’ in a very long time. Things that used to fulfill me don’t seem to cut it anymore and finding the answer as to what I need to do differently to correct those feelings haven’t been the easiest. Sometimes I wish that life could just be as easy as getting dressed comes to me but unfortunately it’s not. Long story short, my apologies again for not being as active as I usually am on the blog but thank you guys for riding with me.

Here’s a look that I styled over the weekend that I hope that you guys like. I’m mixing some old items with a few new ones with this look. A pair of loose denim, an old light weight bomber, a basic long sleeve tee and my new Alexander Wang for Adidas Originals sneakers.