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So… these last two weeks have been pretty hectic on my end. I’m not sure if I shared this with you guys before but there’s something going on in the universe right now and I feel like there’s a huge shift that’s going to happen in my life and I’m just trying to prepare for it. I’ve been getting a lot of subtle signs and it’s caused me to be more present in my everyday life, which I tend to struggle with but honestly, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I just want this ‘thing’ to happen already (I have the patience of a two-year old sometimes haha)! I’m convinced that it either has something to do with my career path or my love life. I don’t want to assume too much as to what it’s going to be but either way I’m excited for it! Anyways… enough about all of that, let’s talk about this look that I put together over the weekend! I am in love with its simplicity yet how much attention it demands at the same time. Sticking to a pretty simple colour scheme, I wanted to make a bold statement with the pieces that I chose to incorporate within this outfit without being ‘too loud’. I just got this black jacket (not to be mistaken as a bath robe haha) the other day from ASOS and I’m obsessed with it. It’s so cozy and oversized and just plays well with so many pieces. I paired this jacket with a grey hoodie, some black joggers and the ‘zebra’ Yeezy 350 V2’s. This look is totally me at the moment, it’s fun it’s understated yet something you won’t forget. I hope that you guys are into it!

Christian@christianconfidential@christianconfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

Extreme Oversized Borg Duster Coat – ASOS | Grey Hoodie – Vintage | Men’s Joggers (old) –AMERICAN APPAREL | Yeezy Zebra 350 V2 – ADIDAS ORIGINALS |

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Risking It All With Prints | What I’m Wearing

Classic & Patterns | Christian Confidential Classic & Patterns | Christian Confidential This Summer for me has been all about change, some expected and some unexpected personally and professionally. I’ve decided not to end it there but to also embrace change in all areas of my life, including fashion. I tend to play it safe  when it comes to my wardrobe especially on an everyday basis. I purchased these trousers a while back and debated on how I could pull them off. I decided to keep it simple and classic by pairing these printed trousers with all black everything; black Lacoste slip-ons, an oversized tee & a leather snapback.  Classic & Patterns | Christian Confidential Classic & Patterns | Christian Confidential What I’m Wearing

Printed Trousers – ZARA | Viscose T-Shirt –AMERICAN APPAREL|  Marice LCR  Slip -Ons  – LACOSTE | Leather Snapback – VINTAGE

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Number 89 | Style Post

Number 89 | Style Post Vegan-leather joggers worn with a white-mesh jersey & a pair of clean Chuck Taylors – this look is youthful with an urban-edge, all that you need to stay in the game.  #goraptors!

Number 89 | Style Post Number 89 | Style Post Number 89 | Style Post What I’m Wearing

Number 89 Jersey – TOPMAN| Vegan Leather Billionaire Pant –AMERICAN APPAREL |Chuck Taylor – CONVERSE 


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Basquiat & leather Joggers | Style Post

Basquiat | christian confidential

Today’s style post is all about the reward that come from taking risk and stepping outside of your comfort zone.  I’ve always loved the leather-jogger look but it also seemed like it could be really hit-or-miss.  Now that I have them on I can’t imagine taking them off!  I paired them with a Basquiat screen-printed T-shirt from Hype Means Nothing, my Diesel Moto Jacket & a pair of red-bottoms… Nike’s latest Team Canada Mid Trainers.  The look feels confident & fresh.  Basquiat | christian confidentialBasquiat | christian confidentialBasquiat | christian confidentialBasquiat | christian confidentialWhat I’m Wearing

Leather Moto Jacket – DIESEL| Basquiat Tee – HYPE MEANS NOTHING| Vegan Leather Billionaire Pant –AMERICAN APPAREL |2014 Mid Trainers Olympic Edition – NIKE |