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Weekend Fit

Look at me being more consistent with my entries these days, lol – let’s see how long I can keep this up for, haha. I wore this look yesterday to a store event in Yorkville (CNTRBND) and I felt it deserved a moment. It’s so simple yet it did what it needed to do. An all black, oversized and relaxed fit completed with the Rick Owens DRKSHDW x Converse TurboDRK high top sneakers.

Y’all know I love a good statement piece and this collaboration is all of that and more. It’s funny because when I was a kid, I would do anything to not draw attention to the size of my feet and now I’m wearing a sneaker that makes my feet look even bigger, lol talk about growth. As always there’s more pics below so take a peak and talk soon!


Street Style

Outta This World

This look is outta this world and that’s on that, lol. I’m just playing but this is definitely a fun neutral tones outfit, that I shot last week. I love fall for the fashion and that’s honestly about it. I’m a sucker for a long overcoat, layering and a great pair of boots – and these Margiela’s are a great pair of boots! I got these Tabi boots for a TIFF premiere in September and they ended up arriving late… smh but once I put them on I knew that I had to keep them. They’re definitely not for everyone but I think that’s the appeal of them to me. They’re polarizing – you either love them or hate them, kind of like me, lol.

This was the last look that I shot with the bleached brows ( I went back to black), which I think also play up the outta this world theme, along with my runway sunglasses from Prada.

This is a look that I’d feel comfortable wearing in the day to an event, to a nice lunch or to something that I want to stand out of the crowd a little more but not feeling like I’m doing THE most iykwim.


Street Style


10. 24. 2022 – I can’t tell you what happened that day but I can tell you that my outfit was dope AF, lol. Whew, this is such a simple yet effective fit for the season. Oversized, with a baggy vibe yet still put together, and can we mention the brows! The brows, the brows, let’s talk about the brows! This was my second full week having them bleached and honestly this is a trend I’m glad I tried. From the contrast of my eyebrows to the holes in the knitwear to the fit of the jeans, the chunky boots ( I told y’all I live in these, lol) and the oversized coat from COS AW22 collection I’m very pleased with how it the outfit came together – I hope that you guys like it too!



Kicking-Off NYFW with ET Canada

So, I’ve just wrapped my first on-camera segment of 2022 and it was a cute! It was with my friends over at ET Canada, myself, Stacey McKenzie and Keshia Chante discussed our favourite winter trends, gave our thoughts on Men’s Fashion Week and what to expect for New York Fashion Week!

I love working with those girls! We’ve all known each other for quite some time and have great chemistry in person and on camera. I’m hoping that this year we’ll be heading back in studio to film fashion panels as it’s much more fun. I’m also manifesting that i’ll be on camera a lot more this year either as myself or as a character that reflects who I am – fingers crossed!

I wanted to give y’all a closer look at my outfit for the show. I went for an all-black vibe with pops of colour in my accessories, lol gold and silver. I wore an oversized blazer with some pleated wide-leg trousers from COS. I got so many questions about my bracelets and they’re from Lisa Gozlan and my monogram C necklace which is from Jenny Bird.

I’ve included the link to the segment here, feel free to give it a watch!



Skincare Tips: From Me To You

HI BB’S – I wanted to jump on the blog and share something that I’ve recently added to my skincare routine. I actually shared these images from a campaign I did via social media but didn’t want to leave my blog readers out of the mix!

Okay, so I’ve recently started taking collagen regularly and the brand I’m using is called Neocell. We produce collagen naturally but the older we get (even if we’ll forever look 25 haha), the less collagen our bodies produce. Taking collagen helps with hair, nails, skin, muscles, bones and so much more.

I’ve noticed the biggest change in my nails and sweetie, that’s enough for me, lol. I take two different kinds of collagen from the brand. Neocell Collage Protein Peptides which is the product featured in these images. I take 1-scoop of this post workout either mixed into my juice or a smoothie.

The second one that I take is called Neocell Derma Matrix Collagen – I take this one on my rest days from the gym.

I really like these pictures and I’m always going to put y’all on game, aka my new beauty secrets!

Talk soon,


Street Style

Edition by John Boyega for H&M

I told y’all I’d be back soon and here I am… back with another street style post! I shot this look yesterday and I’m in LOVE with it. The main pieces are from the recently dropped #EditionByJohnBoyega for H&M collection (coat, vest + pants).

I love this collection because I think it’s very diverse but at the same time there’s a cohesive element to it that ties each piece together. These are three of my favourite items that I could’ve styled each piece separately, but I loved the way they came together for this fit. This is my “Get The Bag” Autumn edition, lol.

Scroll down for the full look + more pics! 🙂

XOXO, Christian


Montréal Photo Diary

Well…it’s been a while, lol. I am so sorry that I left y’all hanging for this long, but I’m back with lots of stuff coming up! I also think that it’s time for a site revamp, so let me make that happen.

Anyways, I came on here to talk about my recent trip to MontrĂ©al, so let’s talk about MontrĂ©al.

My girl Sasha and I went on a quick road trip to MontrĂ©al for work + a change of scenery. We went during the week so I wasn’t sure what to expect but as always, we had the best time.

Sasha and I have been friends for 10+ years and she’s actually the last person I traveled with (Dominican Republic) before the world shut down in 2020, so we were definitely due for some fun. We stayed at The Four Seasons MontrĂ©al – which did not disappoint.

What We Did & Where We Went; Explored Old Montreal (my favourite part of the city)| Shopping at Ssense | Brunch at Tommy Café + Marcus Restaurant | Dinner at Béatrice + Makro | Workout at the hotel gym |

As always, I took some pictures along the way so scroll down + take a look.

Be back soon, I promise!

Christian xoxo


Summer Celebrations

So, this summer one of my closest friends got married to her Prince Charming and I couldn’t be happier! As most of you know, I’ve spent the majority of 2021 on the west coast but I had to make a trip back home to attend + be apart of this wedding.

Stace and I go back 13+ years and she has one of the purest hearts that I’ve ever come across. She’s the life of the party and makes friends everywhere she goes – her bridal party consisted of 12 people, lol.

That being said, her and her partner Alex had a two-day celebration and it was THE wedding of the summer! The vibes were on point, the sun was showing out and we just had the best time!

I was trying to be as much in the moment as I could, so I only took a few pics. Scroll down to get a glimpse of the vibe over the two-day celebration!

Christian, xoxo

Street Style

Gemini Season

Hi bb’s – did you miss me?! I missed y’all so much. I was doing so well with my blog updates and then life got a little wild (lol)… but I’m back and it’s Gemini season!

I’m acting like Gemini season moves slow, when in reality it’s when things really start to ramp up. Between social media content, my social life and this new venture I’ve been working on, oh and my birthday, it’s going to be a high energy month! Daddy misses the hustle and bustle though haha.

So, I’m still in Vancouver and I’m finally getting used to it. Toronto will always be home and I’ll definitely be going back, it’s just when is the question?!?! I miss my friends, and the city vibe but from what I’ve been hearing, it’s going to be awhile until things are back to normal.

Anyways, I wanted to share this cute look that I shot over the weekend. Just a heads up, you’re going to see a lot of cropped tops this season, it’s just the wave that I’m on. I love this look, it’s relaxed, it’s athletic but it’s put together. This is a run errands fit or a casual meet up with friends kind of vibe – I hope you like it!