Yacht Day Anyone?!?!

Hi angels… well Summer has been underway and I’ve got a lot of updating to do! I’ll start with this little yacht day that I attended with my bb Fefe for Grey Goose! First of all, let me tell y’all that it was hot AF and we definitely didn’t get the memo (judging from our outfits) – but we gave LOOKS nonetheless!

I wore all black (obviously), this new tank I got from Spencer Badu, loose + wide leg trousers from COS, shades from Ambush and my classic Saint Laurent boots.

We had the best day, listening to music, trying out different Grey Goose cocktails and just taking in the vibes on the water.

I snapped a few pics as usual so take a peak below.


Street Style

Find Your Inner Iris

Look who decided to come back to his blog, lol. I’ve got a cute post for you guys featuring a look from H&M‘s latest collaboration with style icon, Iris Apfel. Last week I had an appointment with H&M to preview their latest collection and fell in love with a few pieces. You guys know that my go-to colour palette is very neutral but that being said I do love a good pop of colour – especially for the right occasion!

The collection is traditionally “women’s” but y’all know I don’t subscribe to giving clothing a gender. Clothes are clothes, and if you’ve got a body and the pieces fit, you rock it – and rock it, is what I did gworls!

The team over at H&M rented a photo studio and had racks of the collection out for each appointment attendee + a photographer on deck to shoot us in the look(s) we wanted to wear.

I opted for this bright yellow and purple set and just wanted to have fun with it. I mean in my past career, I may have been a model (lol), so I may know how to take a cute pic or two.

Anyways, I’ve included my favourite 4 images in this post and the full #IrisApfelxHM collection hits stores and online in Canada on April 14th, 2022!



Street Style

Stylish IRL

I know that you may recognize this look from my ET Canada segment last month, but I remixed it… a little, lol. On the show, I wore this blazer with wide-leg trousers and chunky boots and this time, IRL – I opted for a slimmer pant and paired it with classic Saint Laurent Wyatt Harness boots.

This look is a vibe, and I’m loving this vibe. I promise you that if I’m attending any weddings this SS22, this or something similar to this, is what I’m wearing. It’s sexy, yet sophisticated and still comfortable – I rarely compromise comfort for fashion.

Not much more for me to say here, other than keep scrolling to see more pics bb’s!



Street Style

I Love My Fit But I’m Ready For Spring

Whew, chile! I swear to you if there’s one thing in life that loves to take its time is spring in Canada, lol. I love my outfit but I’m so ready for spring-like temperatures.

I’m going to keep this post short. This was a cute casual look I put together the other day for an outing that I ended up really liking and decided that I had to shoot + share with y’all.

I love a good (faux) shearling jacket moment and this one I picked up recently from H&M and it’s very cozy. It pairs well with this otherwise all-black look and adds the right amount of contrast if you ask me.

This look is giving cozy and casual yet still put together, so don’t try me, lol. I hope that you guys like it.




Kicking-Off NYFW with ET Canada

So, I’ve just wrapped my first on-camera segment of 2022 and it was a cute! It was with my friends over at ET Canada, myself, Stacey McKenzie and Keshia Chante discussed our favourite winter trends, gave our thoughts on Men’s Fashion Week and what to expect for New York Fashion Week!

I love working with those girls! We’ve all known each other for quite some time and have great chemistry in person and on camera. I’m hoping that this year we’ll be heading back in studio to film fashion panels as it’s much more fun. I’m also manifesting that i’ll be on camera a lot more this year either as myself or as a character that reflects who I am – fingers crossed!

I wanted to give y’all a closer look at my outfit for the show. I went for an all-black vibe with pops of colour in my accessories, lol gold and silver. I wore an oversized blazer with some pleated wide-leg trousers from COS. I got so many questions about my bracelets and they’re from Lisa Gozlan and my monogram C necklace which is from Jenny Bird.

I’ve included the link to the segment here, feel free to give it a watch!



Skincare Tips: From Me To You

HI BB’S – I wanted to jump on the blog and share something that I’ve recently added to my skincare routine. I actually shared these images from a campaign I did via social media but didn’t want to leave my blog readers out of the mix!

Okay, so I’ve recently started taking collagen regularly and the brand I’m using is called Neocell. We produce collagen naturally but the older we get (even if we’ll forever look 25 haha), the less collagen our bodies produce. Taking collagen helps with hair, nails, skin, muscles, bones and so much more.

I’ve noticed the biggest change in my nails and sweetie, that’s enough for me, lol. I take two different kinds of collagen from the brand. Neocell Collage Protein Peptides which is the product featured in these images. I take 1-scoop of this post workout either mixed into my juice or a smoothie.

The second one that I take is called Neocell Derma Matrix Collagen – I take this one on my rest days from the gym.

I really like these pictures and I’m always going to put y’all on game, aka my new beauty secrets!

Talk soon,


Street Style

Cozy January Vibes

One thing about me, I rarely leave my house throughout the winter months, lol. Even though I was born and raised in Canada, I have never and will never be a winter person. That being said, I do enjoy warm and cozy fits like the one I’m wearing in these pics. I actually shot this vibe for a social media campaign with Nordstrom Canada. I love these pics and the way the Reigning Champ set looks on my skin, so I had to share them on the blog with you as well.

I’ll be back shortly but take a look below to see a few more pics in this fit.


Street Style

Forever In My Own Lane

Hi BBs, I just wanted to jump on the blog to share this casual look I shot a few days ago. I LOVE how simple yet vibey this outfit is. My friends over at H&M sent me this beautiful Oversized Recycled Wool-Coat from their newly launched Circular Design Story collection and I love the way that it completes this look.

One of my tips that I always recommend to guys for the fall/winter season is to invest in a good overcoat because it instantly elevates your outfit, no matter what you’re wearing underneath.

This is definitely an outfit I’d wear to run errands in the city, meet up with a friend for lunch or something of that nature.

I hope that you like it too & I’ll be back soon!


Street Style

A/W Adventures

So, last week I went on a little adventure to Toronto Islands for a project with Canada Goose.

For this project, I wanted to switch things up and utilize more of a nature vibe instead of my usual city aesthetic. It’s crazy because I’ve lived in Toronto for 10+ years and I’ve probably only been to the Islands a handful of times. It’s such a pretty area of Toronto and really has a different energy from what I’ve come to expect from the city.

Coincidentally, I happened to be there on 11:11 which was one of the most powerful manifestation days of the year. I always feel that I’m the most connected to the Universe when I’m near water and to be immersed in nature that day definitely felt powerful.

Before I get sidetracked about energy and the Universe – let’s talk about this look! I am OBSESSED with my new puffer jacket – which is from the latest collaboration between Canada Goose and Angel Chen. The colour is amazing, it’s reversible,light-weight and very warm. I also have to highlight the boots that I’m wearing – which happens to be the brands first ever foray into footwear. These are The Journey Boot in black and they’re not only comfy, they’re ultra warm and much lighter than you’d expect.

You know me, regardless of where I’m going, my outfit needs to match my vibe and I feel like this look is still giving fashion yet practical for the elements. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!