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Monochrome Vibes | Style Post

monochrome street vibes | Christian Confidentialmonochrome street vibes | Christian ConfidentialLately, I’ve been embracing more of my edgy side when it comes to new fashion purchases. So, it came as no surprise to me that I would gravitated towards these drawstring shorts from Forever 21. Not only did I have to have them right away, I had to find the perfect tee to compliment them. I decided to pair these shorts with a white Longline muscle tee (that you’ll definitely see repeated) and a pair of black Hi-Tops, giving off total monochrome vibes. This look might not be for everyone but I’m all about being different and trying new things! Remember guys, the key to looking great in clothes, is wearing them with confidence.

Christian monochrome street vibes | Christian Confidential monochrome street vibes | Christian Confidential What I’m Wearing

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Longline Muscle Tee – FOREVER21  | Faux Leather Drawstring Shorts – FOREVER21 | All Star Chuck ’70 – CONVERSE

Brand Ambassador, Fashion, Street Style

A Modern Twist on Classic Style | Style Post

A Modern Twist on Classics | Christian Confidential

If you’re a regular reader of Christian Confidential, you’ve probably picked up on my love for classic pieces. For me, I think they’re the perfect items to invest in, mainly because they never go out of style and they’re great foundations to build an outfit around. As much as I love the classics, I also enjoy it when brands take a classic item like a cardigan and put a modern twist on it. The classic cardigan is a staple item in my closet but this updated version, really took it to another level for me. Making it oversized and adding additional length to the body gives the cardigan a little more swag, while maintaining it’s original preppy vibes.A Modern Twist on Classics | Christian ConfidentialA Modern Twist on Classics | Christian ConfidentialA Modern Twist on Classics | Christian ConfidentialWhat I’m Wearing