The August Playlist

christian thompson It’s been a while since I’ve shared what I’ve been listening to, so let’s just get into it! I swear I’m all over the place with what I like these days.  I’m the first to request the most ratchet trap song out of my friends and 10 minutes later, i’ll be the first to request the most emo throwback track – sigh, gemini problems haha! Expect to see some Kanye (as per usual), Kehlani and French Montana on the list below!

Christianchristian thompsonThe August Playlist…

Saint Pablo – Kanye West

CRZY – Kehlani

Bad Intentions – Niykee Heaton ft. Migos

Lullaby – Niykee Heaton

No Shopping – French Montana ft. Drake

I Got The Keys – Dj Khaled ft. Jay Z, Future

Nothing Is Promised – Mike Will Made It ft. Rihanna

This Is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna

Distraction – Kehlani

LUV – Tory Lanez

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Jeff Koons ‘A Retrospective’ Exhibit

Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New YorkJeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York
n the month of October I got the chance to spend a few days in one of my favourite cities, New York. Knowing-beforehand that it was going to be a short getaway I had a very short but important to do list while being there. 1. A quick visit to Barney’s – who am I kidding, there was nothing quick about it, I was in heaven! 2. A short walk to the New York Public Library – ever since I watched “Sex And The City” the movie and Carrie referenced the library as ” The classic New York landmark that housed all the great love stories”, I’ve been obsessed with it. I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic and something about that line has just stuck with me…sigh. 3. The Jeff Koons ‘A Retrospective’ exhibit that was being held at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. Luckily for me, I was staying at the Waldorf hotel which was coincidently walking distance from all of my ‘Must Visits’.

The Jeff Koons exhibit was breathtaking.. I was there during the closing weekend of the exhibit which may have made the energy in the museum that much more exhilarating. The Exhibit covered pretty much every floor of the museum except one. It housed everything from his early works to his most recent. The thing that I love about his work is that it can be enjoyed by everyone.. children, teenagers and adults it transcends age and in some way bridges the gap between different generations especially with his Celebration Series. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the showcase – I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. xo #TravelWithChristianJeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

The Balloon Dog (Yellow) – which is from his Celebration Series has to be my favourite from the exhibit. Koons derived inspiration from his personal life when it came to this piece specifically. His son was heading back to Rome which would enable them from consistent contact with one another and in order to show his son that he was always thinking of him he created this piece.Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New YorkJeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

Katy?! Katy Perry…Is that you?! I had to do a double look! 🙂 Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

The Gazing Ball – represents an act of generosity … | & I obviously couldn’t leave out Michael & Bubbles (1988)Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

I’m not really sure why but this advertisement spoke to me in comparison to his other work in the same category. The only thing that I can say is that this image is very different from the type of advertisement that I would’ve imagined for a brand like Hennessy to have commissioned in a good way though.Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New YorkPopeye – I couldn’t resist!