The February Playlist

February Playlist | Christian ConfidentialHi guys, I’m back this week with my monthly playlist. February has been such a great month in so many ways, especially for music. We had releases from Rihanna, Beyonce and Kanye amongst others, that had the internet in a frenzy. I’m going to make a note to say that I didn’t include any songs from The Life of Pablo on this list as I haven’t ‘taken it in’ the way that I want to yet… so expect to see a lot of Kanye on the list next month. I’m not sure if it’s because February is the month of love but for some reason my playlist is 90% r&b but I’m loving it and I hope you do too! Continue Reading…


The January Playlist

January Playlist | Christian Confidential

Hey guys, I hope that this week has been treating you well. It’s been pretty busy on my end and I’m currently trying to find a good balance between work, play, and everything in between. I have some really cool things coming up for the blog that I’ll be able to show and share with you guys starting next week… trust me it’s about to be LIT!

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you guys my January Playlist. If you’re following me on Snapchat (CC.Christian), the songs on this list should come as no surprise. I think it’s a really good time in music right now, there’s definitely something for everyone to enjoy. Currently, I am obsessed with Bryson Tiller… I don’t know man, everything he’s been putting out just sounds like magic to me. I’m really feeling Kanye’s new track Real Friends, it definitely has that Blame Game┬ávibe to it but with a topic that everyone can relate to. I’ve obviously included some trap on the list because… well it’s me haha! I’m sure I have something on here that you’ll be able to vibe to, relax to & turn up to!

Until next time,

ChristianJanuary Playlist | Christian ConfidentialThe January Playlist…

Overtime – Bryson Tiller

Real Friends – Kanye West

Low Life – The Weekend ft. Future

Doin’ It Well – Fabolous ft. Nicki Minaj + Trey Songz

Just Another Interlude – Bryson Tiller

Down In The DM – Yo Gotti

Exchange – Bryson Tiller

Pass Dat (remix) – The Weekend

Tore Up – Kehlani

Rich Sex – Future