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Christian Confidential

Christian Confidential

There are only a few good weeks left for road running in Toronto and I’m doing everything I can to take advantage of them!  To me, there’s no better way to set your day in the right direction than a good outdoor run – the fall air is brisk & the colors are the perfect backdrop.

Unlike a climate controlled gym, your street running wardrobe definitely changes with the seasons!  Today’s look is warm, comfortable and (obviously) stylish.  My go-to New Balance windbreaker keeps the chill out of my bones and, like all workout gear, is a great way to mix in some ultra-energetic colour into your closet.  I’m in love with my Nike tights – not only are they super comfy & warm but they also show off some of my best assets #justbeinghonest ;).  A compressed t-shirt keeps your body breathing through the sweat – a definite essential for any athlete.  I’m a die-hard Nike fan, but these new Minimus runners (also from New Balance) have quickly caught my attention.

Christian Confidential

Shoes are obviously the most important part of the puzzle, not only is the right fit key to top performance but also very important in limiting fatigue and preventing injury.  These NB’s have a lower base – perfect for circuit training – but which definitely took some getting used to.  Pick up a pair, break them in – you won’t be disappointed!

 Until next time.