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Christian Confidential | EquinoxIt’s been almost four months since I’ve joined Equinox and honestly I continue to learn new things regarding fitness and health every time I go. I’m no stranger to having a personal trainer so when I was approached by one of the clubs top trainers Marvin to do a few sessions with him, I immediately said yes. I told him the specific areas of my body that I wanted to work on (a stronger back to perfect my posture, more definition and maintain or lean out a little more) and he created a customized program for me. He introduced me to a couple new workouts that I could implement into my routine and helped me get comfortable with being uncomfortable. The thing that I love the most about having a personal trainer is that they expose you to new exercises and never let you quit. During the workout it’s perfectly normal to hate your trainer but trust me once it’s over you end up leaving with a huge smile on your face.  If you feel like you’ve plateaued or are bored of your workouts, I’d suggest speaking to one of the personal trainers at Equinox and having them create a program for you. -Remember, Summer is right around the corner! 

Christian Confidential | EquinoxChristian Confidential | EquinoxWhat I’m Wearing

I got my hands on the MetCon1’s from Nike and let’s  just say they’re quickly becoming one of my favourite shoes to workout in. – Pretty stylish as well, don’t be surprised if you see them in a street style post soon!