Fresh Notes with Prada

@christianconfidential It’s finally feeling like spring in Toronto, which I honestly can’t be more about happy about. We didn’t have a bad winter (temperature wise) but it was a very dragged out one. The older that I get, I’m convinced that I was meant to live somewhere warm all year round. I’m such a happier and productive person, it’s literally like night and day!

That being said, I’ve partnered with Prada fragrances on a social media campaign for the year and I’ve just released the second edition of the partnership. This time around we were working on digital content for their latest fragrance Prada L’Eau, which came out at the perfect moment in my opinion. The fragrance is filled with floral notes, hints of amber and red ginger – I think you guys will really like it!

For me, I always opt for fragrances that are lighter in scent and have a fresh airy vibe to them and Prada L’Eau definitely embodies all of those features. Whenever I spray it on myself, it reminds me of being somewhere tropical or the Mediterranean enjoying a night out wearing linen and just having a great time!

Since, I wasn’t able to recreate that exact vision (sigh, Imagine I was able to shoot this project in Greece LOL), I opted to shoot my images wearing linen, playing with shadows and utilizing the sun. I was really happy with how the photos came out and I hope that you guys enjoy them as well!


@christianconfidential @christianconfidential