Seasonal Blues

seasonal blues| lifestyle postHey guys, I hope that you’re doing well. Is it just me or is this cold weather getting to anyone else? I tend to usually find the brighter side of every situation but these last few weeks have been rough and I couldn’t figure out why. In general, life has been great; personal, professional, love life (non existent) lol but all in all I can’t complain.  So what’s been bothering me? Sigh… the weather, the cold! Born and raised in Canada and I still can’t embrace the cold temperatures, the abundance of snow (it’s coming) and the lack of sunlight that we have to endure. I can very easily want to stay in bed all day, lose motivation & start making bad decisions… eating wise that is! seasonal blues| lifestyle postThat being said, I’m not one to stay down for long so I’ve slowly but surely started to get back on track. I’ve gone back to making my ‘5 things I’m thankful for’ list in the morning, making sure that I go to the gym (group classes help when you’re lacking motivation) , eating clean, and  adding some colour into my wardrobe. Actually, what do you guys think about my mustard yellow sweatshirt? I’m obsessed with it and it’s not black, white or grey! Anyways, I just thought I’d share, incase any of you are going ‘through it’ and weren’t sure why. I’ll be back this week with some travel content, so come back soon and have the best day!

Christianseasonal blues| lifestyle post