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#ClarksMashup – The Big Reveal


Last week, I had the chance to attend and co-host the #ClarksMashup big reveal. The anticipation for this event has been making a lot of buzz on social media over the last couple of months and here’s why. Clarks had a cool idea to bring together creatives from all over Toronto to create art installations, embracing both old school craftsmanship and new world technology. This concept was inspired by the brands’ Trigenic line of shoes, which embraces the same mantra.

Over the last couple of months, each group of creatives has been working to find ways to bridge the gap and create something cool to present at the reveal. Fast forward to last week and here we are. A group of media and industry professionals met on Queen Street West at a boutique  called, Gravity Pope. After being decked out in different colours of Trigenics, we were off on the Clarks Mashup Crawl! At each stop, the group was introduced to the artists followed by a brief description of the story behind their installation.

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My group was the second stop on the crawl and oh boy, did they ever do a great job (not that I was surprised)! Shaz, Amir & Simon found a way to illustrate the best of both worlds with their installation. Embracing Shaz’s woodworking skills to create something tangible, while integrating Amir and Simon’s ability to manipulate light to create a show around it. The audience was definitely impressed by their work along with the other two groups.

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We ended the night off back at Gravity Pope where the ‘Mashup’ theme continued with options of infused cocktails, music and great conversations! All in all, I would have to say the night was a success!

It was great to see an influential brand like Clarks push an initiative like this! The concept was something creative and out of the box – which is what truly attracted me to this project! It was a pleasure being a part of this experience and allowed me to meet some really cool people and learn a thing or two. To learn more about Clarks and their Trigenic line you should click here!

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