Street Style

Nuuuu Wave

@christianconfidential Hey homies, did you miss me? I’m back on the blog today with some new style content that I think you guys are going to really like. If you’ve been following me on social media for a while, you’ve probably noticed a shift in my content over the last 6 months. For so long, I’ve been creating content that followed a very minimal, clean and somewhat restrictive aesthetic. I loved it and I think that you guys did too but in order to keep growing creatively, it’s always best to change things up. Since earlier this year, I’ve been experimenting with more colours, different shoot locations (no more all white, grey and black backgrounds) and different ways of editing my pictures. I’m really liking the direction that my content has been going in and I’ve really started to embrace the challenge.

This specific style post really embodies the new wave that I’ve been on in so many ways. I love the choice of the bold colour joggers (℅ Puma), the edgy shoot location and the use of shadows and lighting.

In regards to this look, I would describe it as athleisure meets street. I love how all of the pieces flow together and the colours tie into each another. Depending on how hot it is, you could catch me downtown doing a million things in this look. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and makes a bold statement all at the same time!

@christianconfidential @christianconfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

Tsugi Shinsei Men’s Training Shoe – PUMA | T7 Track Pants – PUMA | Ribbed Tank Top (beige) – ZARA | Oversized Denim Jacket – ZARA |