Street Style

A/W Adventures

So, last week I went on a little adventure to Toronto Islands for a project with Canada Goose.

For this project, I wanted to switch things up and utilize more of a nature vibe instead of my usual city aesthetic. It’s crazy because I’ve lived in Toronto for 10+ years and I’ve probably only been to the Islands a handful of times. It’s such a pretty area of Toronto and really has a different energy from what I’ve come to expect from the city.

Coincidentally, I happened to be there on 11:11 which was one of the most powerful manifestation days of the year. I always feel that I’m the most connected to the Universe when I’m near water and to be immersed in nature that day definitely felt powerful.

Before I get sidetracked about energy and the Universe – let’s talk about this look! I am OBSESSED with my new puffer jacket – which is from the latest collaboration between Canada Goose and Angel Chen. The colour is amazing, it’s reversible,light-weight and very warm. I also have to highlight the boots that I’m wearing – which happens to be the brands first ever foray into footwear. These are The Journey Boot in black and they’re not only comfy, they’re ultra warm and much lighter than you’d expect.

You know me, regardless of where I’m going, my outfit needs to match my vibe and I feel like this look is still giving fashion yet practical for the elements. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!