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A Day In The Fit Life | Equinox

A Day In The Fit Life | Equinox

My friends at Equinox asked myself and fellow bloggers Vanessa Cesario and Sasha Exeter to let them have a glimpse into what “A Day In The Fit Life” would look like. I’ve said this before but living a healthy lifestyle incorporates a lot more than just going to the gym, it’s all about making choices that contribute to living the best life that you can. For me, juicing, training & recovery are three things that I regularly make time for that contribute to my “Fit Life”.

There are so many health benefits that you can get from incorporating juicing into your life. You can do it yourself, or you can purchase cold pressed juices from a variety of companies. There’s a lot of flavors to choose from and they all serve different purposes. The Apple Ginger Glow from Fresh has recently become a favourite of mine and encourages cleansing, hydration, and energy.A Day In The Fit Life | Equinox

Training has become such an integral part of my life. So many people take their bodies for granted and I’ve made a commitment to myself and my body to take care of it the best way that I can. Whether it be running, participating in a group glass or working out with a personal trainer it’s important to make time for physical activity throughout the week. For me, I like to start my day off with a workout, I feel like it sets the tone for the rest of the day and starts my morning off on a positive note. My advice to people when it comes to working out is, it’s never too late to start and try to incorporate new things on a regular basis. – It keeps working out fun and fresh!A Day In The Fit Life | EquinoxWhat I’m Wearing

 Pro Combat Hyperwarm Compression Lite – NIKE|  Dri-FIT Touch Fleece 3/4 – NIKE | Free Trainer 3.0 V3– NIKE | 

As important as I think it is to incorporate training into your lifestyle, it’s just as important to give your body time to recover. Three things that I do to help speed up recovery. 1. Rolling out with a foam roller post workout. 2. Giving my body the proper nutrients it needs throughout the day. 3. Sleep, it sounds simple but try getting in a good 8 hours of sleep regularly and you’ll see the difference that it can make.A Day In The Fit Life | Equinox

Over the last few months, Equinox has really helped facilitate my goal of living a healthier life in so many ways other than just being a place to workout. By having a juice bar within the facilities, knowledgeable staff, top of the line equipment and a spa it really does live up to it’s motto #itsNotFitnessItsLife

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Train In Style | Nike Lunar TR1

Lunar TR1 | Christian ConfidentialLunar TR1 | Christian ConfidentialPreparing for my stay in Paris and not knowing if I’d have regular access to a gym, I decided to seek out a few workouts that I could do on my own with minimal equipment & limited space. At the same time that I was being adventurous with my training I got the chance to try out some new kicks from Nike – The  Lunar TR1’s. Super light and super comfortable with pretty intense traction that really helps for those grapevine drills that we all love. I decided to leave my brights at home and pair these trainers with an all black/grey outfit and let the green of the TR1’s do all the talking.  

Lunar TR1 | Christian ConfidentialLunar TR1 | Christian ConfidentialLunar TR1 | Christian ConfidentialWhat I’m Wearing 

Pro Combat Hypercool fitted t-shirt (similar here)– NIKE | Pro Combat Hypercool Compression tights  – NIKE | Hyperspeed FlyKnit 2.0 shorts  – NIKE| Lunar TR1’s   NIKE