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It’s All Good In Soho

christian confidential | soho nycIt’s been a while since I’ve last been in New York and oh gosh, I really did miss it! It’s weird because New York never really comes to mind as a travel destination for me (I’m more of a beach guy) but every time I make it back out here, I’m always happy that I did. This is definitely less of a pleasure trip, as it’s Fashion Week here but it’s important to make a little time for play right??  Yesterday, I spent most of the day in Soho and shot this cozy look. It’s totally me right now, oversized, casual & comfy! I hope you’re into it as much as I am!

Christian christian confidential | soho nyc

What I’m Wearing

Oversized Sweatshirt – COS | Oversized Jersey Shorts – COS | SEEYOULATER Primeknit Shoes – ADIDAS ORIGINALS |

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Tobago with Fashion Vanguard

Fashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialIt’s December 1st and as I sit down and write this travel post, I must say that the last half of this year has truly been a blessed one. One of the things that I love about being a blogger is that it opens doors to opportunities that can sometimes be life changing. Last month I got the opportunity to travel to the island of Tobago and learn a little bit about their lifestyle and fashion.

The great people at Fashion Vanguard invited us down to check out their inaugural fashion buyers exhibition. This exhibition showcased 9 reputable designers with roots from the island.

I, of course had my favourites and gravitated towards more of your staples/essentials from a brand titled I Say U Clothing. It’s cool to see what works in regards to fashion in other parts of the world and it’s even cooler to see the influence of different cultures reflected in the garments. Fashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialLinen (for it’s breathability, I’m sure) was a common fabric used throughout a lot of the featured designers especially the menswear line, Millhouse. Neoprene, which is one of my favourite materials this year was very well displayed throughout some of the womenswear designers such as, Lush KingdomFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialPhotography by: Vitina Blumenthal for ChristianConfidential.comFashion Vanguard | Christian ConfidentialAfter taking in all the dope fashion, it was time to get a taste of the Tobago lifestyle. Beautiful weather, friendly people and great food (I tried shark for the first time), I’m not really sure what else I could’ve asked for. We spent some time at  Pigeon Point beach, partied at the infamous ‘Shade’ nightclub and relaxed by the pool at our villa. All in all, this was a great experience and Tobago is filled with hidden gems and treasure both in fashion and lifestyle. If you’re looking for a destination to unwind and reflect, Tobago is a destination to consider. A special thank you to everyone that made our stay what it was especially; Jamilia, Karen, Kery & Kevon.

Until next time,


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The 305

Miami | Travel With ChristianMiami | Travel With ChristianThere’s nothing that I love more than travelling, except maybe travelling with close friends! This year has definitely been one for the books. It’s the year that I’ve taken the most risks, rediscovered myself as a single person, and felt the most pressure to make things happen for me professionally! That being said, at the end of last month it was time to put away my laptop and unwind for a few days. My friends, Shayna and Vanessa who have both been working uber hard thought that it would be dope to go on a mini getaway and celebrate life, explore another city and catch some sun. Miami | Travel With ChristianChosen Destination: Miami Stay: Thompson Miami Beach  Our Go-to’s: Soho House, Lincoln Road, Bodega South Beach  Breakfast: La Provence Dinner: Cecconi’s Miami Nightlife: LIV on Sunday (obviously)!

The thing that I love about Miami is that it’s like those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books that you used to read when you were a kid. You can do ‘the most’ or as ‘little’ as you’d like and still have a great time. We opted for something in between the two extremes and legit, never had a dull moment! If you’re looking for a quick getaway, I’d move Miami up to the top of your list.

ChristianMiami | Travel With ChristianMiami | Travel With ChristianMiami | Travel With ChristianMiami | Travel With ChristianMiami | Travel With Christian

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Travel Essentials + Where I’m Going

Travel Essentials | Christian Confidential I love to travel, whether it’s a short trip to Miami with friends or a whirlwind adventure to Europe, I’m always down! With that being said, I don’t know about you but packing and making sure that I have everything before I head to the airport sometimes gives me anxiety. Did I bring the right amount of outfits? Am I overpacking? Did I remember to bring my passport? Ugh…It’s a lot! I’ve put together a little travel essential list to at least help you remember to pack these items as for me, they’re crucial. 

1. camera 2. sunglasses 3. portable charger 4. rings 5. watch 6. magazines  7. comfortable shoes

Fashion week is about to wrap up in Toronto and as if that wasn’t enough fashion for me, I’m headed to Trinidad & Tobago to take in even more. My friends over at Fashion Vanguard have invited me to take a peak into their Buyer’s Exhibition this weekend and learn about the culture and lifestyle of Tobago. You guys know I’m a wanderer so I’ll be taking in as much of the experience and sharing it with you all on the blog and via social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat)!

Stay tuned & talk soon!

Christian Travel Essentials | Christian Confidential Travel Essentials | Christian Confidential

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#TheRide – Nike Headquarters

The Ride | Christian ConfidentialThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetA little over a week ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Portland, Oregon to visit Nike headquarters. If you’re a true enthusiast of the brand, visiting headquarters also known as campus is a pretty big deal. This is where all the big decisions get made, products get tested, innovations are perfected, and athletes like Lebron James come to have their meetings.

I got the chance to explore campus and visit the buildings and facilities that are all named after prominent people affiliated with the brand such as; Tiger Woods, Bo Jackson and everyones favourite Michael Jordan. Not only was I able to explore headquarters I got to sit in and learn about Nike’s commitment to revolutionizing the sport of Lacrosse.The Ride | Christian ConfidentialThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialEven though Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport, I didn’t really know too much about it as I was committed to other sports in high school. After listening to various lacrosse players like Kara Cannizzaro and the Thompson Brothers, I learned that the sport takes a lot of finesse, agility and speed. Right now, I’ve been participating in the brands ‘Find Your Fast’ challenge which is all about being a faster and smarter runner. Therefore hearing about how important speed is in the sport of Lacrosse was pretty cool.The Ride | Christian ConfidentialThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialMyself along with a few other media outlets got to see the current apparel, footwear and equipment offerings that Nike has available for the sport + see the unveiling of the new Huarache V cleats inspired by  athlete Jeremy Thompson.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 presetThe Ride | Christian ConfidentialAll in all, visiting campus + learning about the brands commitment to elevating the sport of Lacrosse was a really cool experience. It definitely opened my eyes and interest to the sport and gave me a glimpse into how much work it takes to be great at it. Take a look through some of the photos that I snapped along the way and shoot me an email to let me know if you’d give the sport a shot… I’m not going to lie the shoes alone had me ready to sign up!


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Jeff Koons ‘A Retrospective’ Exhibit

Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New YorkJeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York
n the month of October I got the chance to spend a few days in one of my favourite cities, New York. Knowing-beforehand that it was going to be a short getaway I had a very short but important to do list while being there. 1. A quick visit to Barney’s – who am I kidding, there was nothing quick about it, I was in heaven! 2. A short walk to the New York Public Library – ever since I watched “Sex And The City” the movie and Carrie referenced the library as ” The classic New York landmark that housed all the great love stories”, I’ve been obsessed with it. I’m a little bit of a hopeless romantic and something about that line has just stuck with me…sigh. 3. The Jeff Koons ‘A Retrospective’ exhibit that was being held at the Whitney Museum of Modern Art. Luckily for me, I was staying at the Waldorf hotel which was coincidently walking distance from all of my ‘Must Visits’.

The Jeff Koons exhibit was breathtaking.. I was there during the closing weekend of the exhibit which may have made the energy in the museum that much more exhilarating. The Exhibit covered pretty much every floor of the museum except one. It housed everything from his early works to his most recent. The thing that I love about his work is that it can be enjoyed by everyone.. children, teenagers and adults it transcends age and in some way bridges the gap between different generations especially with his Celebration Series. Here are a few of my favourite pieces from the showcase – I hope you guys enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them. xo #TravelWithChristianJeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

The Balloon Dog (Yellow) – which is from his Celebration Series has to be my favourite from the exhibit. Koons derived inspiration from his personal life when it came to this piece specifically. His son was heading back to Rome which would enable them from consistent contact with one another and in order to show his son that he was always thinking of him he created this piece.Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New YorkJeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

Katy?! Katy Perry…Is that you?! I had to do a double look! 🙂 Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

The Gazing Ball – represents an act of generosity … | & I obviously couldn’t leave out Michael & Bubbles (1988)Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New York

I’m not really sure why but this advertisement spoke to me in comparison to his other work in the same category. The only thing that I can say is that this image is very different from the type of advertisement that I would’ve imagined for a brand like Hennessy to have commissioned in a good way though.Jeff Koons A Retrospective | Travel With Christian - New YorkPopeye – I couldn’t resist!

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Nike France

Nike France x Travel With ChristianNike France x Travel With ChristianOne of the things I love most about travelling and blogging is being able to find cool ways to incorporate some of  the brands that  I work  with on my journey. I got the chance to visit the Nike media showroom in Paris and discuss fashion and fitness for the upcoming Fall/Winter season. We touched on key items for both men & women, the start up of their  Paris Run Club (which I also participated in) & I got to preview some of the fall collection that’s not yet in stores!Nike France x Travel With ChristianNike France x Travel With Christian

Discussing this seasons Air Max colorway direction with Nike’s head of PR. Nike France x Travel With Christian

  The Sportswear collection for women is pretty amazing, the Roshe’s were a definite highlight for me.

Nike France x Travel With Christian

Last year’s Aeroloft 800  vest saved my life when it came to running outdoor, so I’m excited to test out this new outerwear piece for men when it’s available in Canada.

Nike France x Travel With ChristianRunning with the Paris Run Club was such a great experience. I think that running is such a great way to explore a new city and doing it with an enthusiastic  group can make it that much better. The run group along with the run captain Jay of Black Rainbow were so welcoming and really pushed me with my pace. After our run we did a short core and muscle building circuit, followed up with some stretching. All in all; it was a great experience training with the Parisian team and amazing to see how they executed their program. Thank you to both my Canadian Nike family for making this happen & my new French Nike family for the warm welcome! Until next time Paris!Nike France x Travel With ChristianNike France x Travel With Christian

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Street Style ‘Paris Edition’ x ManOfAKind PT.3

Christian Confidential x ManOfAKind | ParisChristian Confidential x ManOfAKind | Paris I love fashion & being that I was staying in one of the worlds most fashion forward cities it only made sense to incorporate some street style looks while being out there! Staying true to my roots I wanted to showcase mixing luxury items with my everyday favourites – with the help of Henri -Nicolas of Man of A Kind I think we did exactly that.

Christian Confidential x ManOfAKind | ParisChristian Confidential x ManOfAKind | ParisChristian Confidential x ManOfAKind | Paris

I paired  a vintage Neil Barrett  mixed media biker jacket with a Givenchy signature tee, black denim from H&M and a pair of suede Chelsea boots. While Henri wore a pair of biker jeans from Balmain, an IRO two toned pull over & a pair of Chelsea boots from Sandro Paris.

I hope you guys enjoy our looks as much as we enjoyed shooting them!

Bisous, Christian Christian Confidential x ManOfAKind | ParisChristian Confidential x ManOfAKind | Paris

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Photo Diary – Paris Edition PT.2

Travel With Christian | ParisTravel With Christian | Paris

My time in Paris was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my entire life.  Picking up and traveling alone across the world and making an unknown area home, even if it’s temporary is probably one of the most exhilarating things you can do. I learned so much about myself by being present in the moment and open to what this beautiful city had to offer. Whether it be figuring out how to use their transit system, feeling comfortable dining alone, exploring the city on a motor bike or just getting use to the Parisian way of doing things. Everyday I attempted to discover something new and the days that I needed something familiar I ventured back to my favourite hangouts; Ladurée & Café Charlot.Travel With Christian | ParisSacré Coeur – MontmartreTravel With Christian | Paris

I decided to title this post “Photo Diary” because that’s truly what this collection of images represent  to me. These were some of my favourite moments captured throughout my time in Paris and although they may not all seem personal on the surface what they signify as a whole is this pinnacle moment in my life that I decided to take a chance and trust the unknown . This is something that I’m getting more and more comfortable with embracing and this month long adventure was the starting point.
I hope you guys enjoy xo!Travel With Christian | ParisPointe Ephemere such a cool artistic areaTravel With Christian | Paris

Paris Run Club – post coming soon Travel With Christian | ParisTravel With Christian | ParisL’Avenue – a great place to have brunch on the terraceTravel With Christian | ParisArc De Triomphe