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Danger Zone

@christianconfidential The other day I went to grab lunch with my cousin at La Carnita and ended up throwing this look together. I had no intention of shooting it but the longer I wore it, the more I really liked it. It’s simple, athletic and super cozy but for me, I think that what I love  about this look is the way that the light colours and tones play together. The different shades of blue and the ruggedness of the denim jacket really adds dynamic to the outfit – I hope you guys are into it too!


Street Style

#HumansofYV Campaign

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Hi guys – I hope that life has been treating you really well! Life for me (as always) has kind of been a whirlwind of ups and downs. Man, trying to figure out the next steps for your life can become so time consuming, it’s like can someone just give me the answers and I’ll make it all happen haha. In all honesty though, I’ve been working really hard on figuring out exactly what makes me happy and what are the next steps that I need to take to propel my personal life and career to the next level. I just want to live my best life in my zone of excellence moving forward.

That’s enough about my personal life right now, let’s talk about this look! Recently, I was asked to participate in a campaign for Yorkville Village (a small but cute community close to downtown Toronto).  Although I don’t ‘live’ in Yorkville, it’s basically become my second home. My gym is located there (Catalyst), some of my favourite restaurants are in the area and my friends own one of the coolest boutiques there aka CNTRBND. This look is casual, light and has a rebel flair to it. You could easily catch me wearing something like this on a regular day in the area. I hope you guys like it!

@christianconfidential @christianconfidential @christianconfidential @christianconfidential Photography By: Chris Smart 

Street Style

On-The-Go With Uniqlo

@christianconfidential@christianconfidentialHi guys, I hope that this week has been treating you well so far! This week has been pretty crazy for me and it’s only Wednesday (eeek!), that being said I’m back on the blog today to share my latest style collaboration with Uniqlo Canada.

You guys know that my style is heavily influenced by my mood and being that I’m a gemini, it changes almost every hour (I wish I was joking lol), kind of like my daily schedule. Some days are spent locked away at home editing photos and creating pitches, while others are full with photo shoots, meetings and events. On my busy social days it’s important for me to pick out clothes that are versatile and can be worn in multiple settings. This look that I put together with Uniqlo is the perfect example of one of those days!

A white short sleeve tee tucked into a pair of relaxed fit navy ankle pants, some white low-top sneakers, glasses and a light weight oversized coat (it’s spring so the weather is moodier than I am), does more than the trick for me!
@christianconfidentialThe key piece in a day-to-night outfit is essentially, the pants. I tend to go for a darker colour way as it’s always viewed as more sleek and in my opinion more versatile for different settings. These ankle pants have a relaxed fit and a belt-like elastic waist that makes them much more comfortable than your standard chino or dress pants. If you see me on the streets, 8 out of 10 times, i’ll have a bag/backpack with me. It usually has my laptop, a camera, some cologne and a spare piece of clothing or two.

Which leads me right into my night look. I changed the colour of my day shirt and shoes to black. Like I mentioned earlier about a darker colour way for the pants being viewed as more sleek, the same rule goes for your tops and footwear. Even though, I am still wearing sneakers (very rarely will you catch me in dress shoes), I feel much more comfortable and confident in my look to potentially attend an evening media preview, a restaurant opening or even a date over cocktails (very rare scenario). Either way, when it comes to having to dress for different events and lugging around a suitcase with multiple outfits isn’t an options, always remember to 1. keep it simple 2. make sure that you’re comfortable 3. choose the base of your outfit wisely!


@christianconfidential@christianconfidential@christianconfidentialClothing ℅ of Uniqlo Canada

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Movement + Flow

@christianconfidential | uniqlo u

So… I’m not sure if you guys have been noticing but I’ve been really getting into (more than usual) pieces of clothing that promote movement and flow. Wether it’s loose fitting joggers, long-line jackets or oversized hoodies, I love the theatrics that these items can create. Under the artistic direction of Christophe Lemaire, Uniqlo recently launched their second #UniqloU collection and let’s just say they’ve mastered that whole aesthetic. If you’re coming to the blog from social media, you probably saw me playing with this look amongst a few others during a fitting I had with the brands Canadian counterpart. With your guys help via Insta-Story (thank you xox) I narrowed down my favourite pieces from the collection to create this look! From the joggers, to the hoodie, to the coat, these are all dope items that can be easily integrated into my current wardrobe or worn all together like this. I’m pretty happy with the end results, check out a few more pics below and let me know what you think!

@christianconfidential | uniqlo u@christianconfidential | uniqlo u

What I’m Wearing

U Light Weight Oversized Coat | U L/S Sweat Pullover Hoodie | U Light Weight Jogger Pants | ℅ Uniqlo Canada