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Gemini Season

Hi bb’s – did you miss me?! I missed y’all so much. I was doing so well with my blog updates and then life got a little wild (lol)… but I’m back and it’s Gemini season!

I’m acting like Gemini season moves slow, when in reality it’s when things really start to ramp up. Between social media content, my social life and this new venture I’ve been working on, oh and my birthday, it’s going to be a high energy month! Daddy misses the hustle and bustle though haha.

So, I’m still in Vancouver and I’m finally getting used to it. Toronto will always be home and I’ll definitely be going back, it’s just when is the question?!?! I miss my friends, and the city vibe but from what I’ve been hearing, it’s going to be awhile until things are back to normal.

Anyways, I wanted to share this cute look that I shot over the weekend. Just a heads up, you’re going to see a lot of cropped tops this season, it’s just the wave that I’m on. I love this look, it’s relaxed, it’s athletic but it’s put together. This is a run errands fit or a casual meet up with friends kind of vibe – I hope you like it!


Street Style


@christianconfidential So, I really made the most of my time while in New York and even got a chance to shoot some street style content for the blog. This is a look that I put together, incorporating a trend that came up a lot during Men’s Week (New York, London, Milan & Paris) – lace shirts and blazers. The moment that I saw ASAP Rocky sporting this trend, I was on the hunt for the perfect rendition to style my own way. I decided to dress up the trend this time with some wide-leg trousers, statement sunglasses and my signature harness boots.

I’m really happy with the way this look turned out, it’s definitely not going to be for everyone but for the fashion forward thinking guy, I’d suggest giving it a shot!


Street Style

Winter Street Style

@christianconfidential It’s been a while since I’ve last given you guys a new street style post but today I am back  on the blog with one that’s practical, stylish, and gives back to a good cause all at the same time! If you’ve ever spent any time in Canada during winter, you know how cold our winters can get and honestly I don’t know how I would make it through them without my friends over at Canada Goose. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ve definitely seen the brand pop up in my content throughout the years. Whether the brand’s hosting a store opening party, a press preview or simply just interacting with their products on a continuous basis – I’m always blown away by the quality and effort that they put in to everything they do.

That being said, the newest CG addition to my collection might be a little more special (in my opinion) due to it’s involvement with a great cause. The PBI Expedition Parka (that I’m currently living in), is one of 14 items apart of a collaboration that Canada Goose and Polar Bears International (a non profit organization) have created to help support the conservation of Polar Bear habitats through research and education.

Now let’s get into this street style look – personally I’m in love with it! It’s simple, it’s chic and it’s super functional. I went up a size in the PBI Expedition Parka to give it more of an oversized look. I then paired it with a navy blue mock neck, some relaxed fit pants and my favourite pair of Wyatt Harness boots. This is an outfit that you could catch me in heading to meetings, media previews and definitely on February 27th, 2019 for Polar Bear Day!

For additional ways that you can get involved in Polar Bear Day please visit PBI’s official website here!


@christianconfidential @christianconfidential @christianconfidential What I’m Wearing 

PBI Expedition Parka – CANADA GOOSE | Mock Neck – ZARA | Relaxed Fit Pants – H&M |  Cat-Eye Sunglasses – GIVENCHY | Wyatt Harness Boots – SAINT LAURENT |

New Orleans

Boho Inspired


So… I’m back on the blog today from the beautiful city known as New Orleans! I let you guys know that I was taking a random trip out here and didn’t know what to expect and let’s just say that it’s the best decision I’ve made in 2018 thus far. I don’t want to say too much until I share my photo diary but I couldn’t wait to post this Boho inspired look, that I shot.

This look is different from what you’re probably used to seeing from me but I’m branching out a little and really trying to embrace new styles this year. I always use clothes as a way to express myself and right now I’m feeling very light hearted, creative and open minded. I wore this look out to lunch on my second day in New Orleans and loved it so much that I just HAD to shoot it. It’s colourful, it’s light and gives off an elevated Boho vibe!

I’ve got a couple more looks that I shot out here + my photo diary that I can’t wait to share with you all!


@christianconfidential @christianconfidentialWHAT I’M WEARING

Printed Shirt – ZARA |Relaxed Turn-Up Trousers – COS | Classic Cortez – NIKE SPORTSWEAR |Kathmandu Bracelet – THOMAS SABO |

Street Style

Danger Zone

@christianconfidential The other day I went to grab lunch with my cousin at La Carnita and ended up throwing this look together. I had no intention of shooting it but the longer I wore it, the more I really liked it. It’s simple, athletic and super cozy but for me, I think that what I love  about this look is the way that the light colours and tones play together. The different shades of blue and the ruggedness of the denim jacket really adds dynamic to the outfit – I hope you guys are into it too!


Street Style

Nuuuu Wave

@christianconfidential Hey homies, did you miss me? I’m back on the blog today with some new style content that I think you guys are going to really like. If you’ve been following me on social media for a while, you’ve probably noticed a shift in my content over the last 6 months. For so long, I’ve been creating content that followed a very minimal, clean and somewhat restrictive aesthetic. I loved it and I think that you guys did too but in order to keep growing creatively, it’s always best to change things up. Since earlier this year, I’ve been experimenting with more colours, different shoot locations (no more all white, grey and black backgrounds) and different ways of editing my pictures. I’m really liking the direction that my content has been going in and I’ve really started to embrace the challenge.

This specific style post really embodies the new wave that I’ve been on in so many ways. I love the choice of the bold colour joggers (℅ Puma), the edgy shoot location and the use of shadows and lighting.

In regards to this look, I would describe it as athleisure meets street. I love how all of the pieces flow together and the colours tie into each another. Depending on how hot it is, you could catch me downtown doing a million things in this look. It’s comfortable, it’s stylish and makes a bold statement all at the same time!

@christianconfidential @christianconfidentialWhat I’m Wearing

Tsugi Shinsei Men’s Training Shoe – PUMA | T7 Track Pants – PUMA | Ribbed Tank Top (beige) – ZARA | Oversized Denim Jacket – ZARA |

Street Style

The Homies

@CHRISTIANCONFIDENTIAL @CHRISTIANCONFIDENTIALSo… it legit feels like it’s been forever since I’ve last posted but here I am with some new material for you guys! Last week I was working on a cool lifestyle project with a Toronto based home interior company (Merchant Sons) that allowed me to involve some of my close friends in the process. Jason and Daniel aka my brothers and I spent an afternoon with a camera crew visiting some of the hidden gems in my neighbourhood. I love ‘working’ with these guys because it literally feels like we’re just hanging out. Daniel always has a new story to share and Jason is always full of positive energy.

Our last shoot location for the day was at a minimally designed coffee shop called, PUB PRK (Public Park). The Café  had a dope concrete wall across from it that I noticed and instantly wanted to shoot on. Earlier in the day, I styled the guys (and myself) in some of my favourite casual pieces and once we wrapped for the day we shot for a bit. The thing that I like most about these looks are that they’re all lit on their own but when they’re all captured together, the vibe is brought to another level. Each look is different but has an athletic, casual, spring vibe to them that ties them all together.  Stay tuned to see the final project featured on the blog later this week  but in the meantime enjoy the fashion aspect of it!



What I’m Wearing

Oversized Denim Jacket – ZARA | Champion Hoodie – URBAN OUTFITTERS | Men’s NYC 7/8 Pants – ADIDAS | Tsugi Shinsei Men’s Training Shoe –PUMA |

Street Style

Hometown Flow

christian confidential | christian thompsonSo, I’m back in Toronto after a whirlwind of fun during Men’s Fashion Week in Paris and yes – still blonde. I’ve been having a lot of fun with it, I think I may keep it for a while longer. It’s still unbearably cold here (I’m a little dramatic, I know), so I put this cozy look together that I hope that you guys will like. I’ve been really into colour lately, like REALLY into it as you can probably see from this outfit. In my opinion, my coral sweatshirt gives this street look more life as opposed to a more muted colour alternative. It might not be for everyone but right now it’s definitely doing it for me.

christian confidential | christian thompson christian confidential | christian thompson

What I’m Wearing

Men’s Denim Barn Coat – URBAN OUTFITTERS | Classic Applique Hood – STUSSY | Destroyed Light Denim Joggers (old)  – ZARA |  Rothco x UO Military Jungle Boots–URBAN OUTFITTERS |

Street Style

Winter-White With Armani Exchange

christian confidential | armani exchangeIt’s been a while since I’ve shared a new style post (forgive me), so hopefully you guys like this one! I hosted a cocktail party for Armani Exchange the other week and put this look together, incorporating items from their latest a/w collection. I decided to go the whole winter-white route for my top and bottoms, while adding a pop of subtle colour with my footwear (I told you guys, you’d see these boots a lot haha). This look really does it for me, it’s not something I’d wear everyday (I’m the worst at keeping my whites clean) but it’s definitely a look I’d wear on a special occasion!

Ps. To all those that came out to hang out with me that evening, thank you!

Christian christian confidential | armani exchange

What I’m Wearing

Textured Grid Crewneck– ARMANI EXCHANGE |   White Slim-Fit Denim –ARMANI EXCHANGE | Special Edition Brown Leather Three Buckle Ankle Boots – ZARA |