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Tech Fleece Aeroloft WindRunner | Spotlight

Aeroloft Windrunner Jacket | SpotlightThe temperature continues to drop in Toronto and although I’d love to just travel somewhere warm for the whole winter season unfortunately it’s not an option. So in between planned mini vacations, i’ll have to find stylish solutions to stay warm & my good friends at Nike recently introduced me to some of their latest pieces from their Holiday Sportswear Collection that will do exactly that. I fell in love with the ‘Tech Fleece Aeroloft Windrunner‘ jacket  which comes in two colorways,  is reversible and weighs close to nothing. I’ve already become familiar with the Aeroloft 800 technology from last years winter running collection, which does really help keep the heat in. – Once I saw that it was incorporated into this jacket it already became a top pick for me. I spend a fair amount of time outdoors especially when I’m shooting for the blog and I usually have a lot to carry so this jacket really works for my lifestyle by barely adding any more weight and keeping me warm in between outfit changes. Check out the rest of the collection here & let me know what you think! 

ChristianAeroloft Windrunner Jacket | SpotlightAeroloft Windrunner Jacket | Spotlight