Travel With Christian | Paris

Travel With Christian | ParisTravel With Christian | Paris
This summer brought some of the most life changing experiences I have had up to date. As I shared on Instagram, I recently got out of my long term relationship, changed jobs and moved all in a short span of time. To be honest this transition wasn’t the easiest thing for me, I’m very used to a certain level of stability in my life and all at once everything I had become accustomed to was now in the past. A little hesitant but still optimistic for the future I decided to embrace the changes that were coming. I got the opportunity to travel to both Spain & France for a little under 3 weeks and I must admit, it was the best decision that I made. I felt centred , liberated and regained a lot of the confidence I felt I lost throughout the ending of my relationship. Those three weeks really put life into perspective for me and brought to light a side of my personality that I haven’t seen before.


Although Barcelona was more than beautiful, I fell in love with Paris. Not sure what it is about Paris but something in the air just made even the most simple things feel so magical. I was lucky to make some really good contacts while being there which landed me the opportunity to come back & truly experience the parisian lifestyle again and for a longer period of time.  With that being said I’ve been documenting my experiences and sharing them through the hashtag #TravelWithChristian on my social media channels.


Stay tuned for what’s next to come.. I have a few projects underway here with some great people and brands that I can’t wait to share with you guys. For now take a peek at some of the things I’ve been up to thus far xo


Travel With Christian | ParisParc National De Saint Cloud – one of my favourite places to go for a run outside the hustle & bustle of Paris.
Travel With Christian | Paris Musée Du Louvre – The outside is just as beautiful as the inside!
Travel With Christian | ParisLadurée – A little bit of heaven on earth! One of my favourite places to meet up with friends & catch up over some tea and treats in Paris!
Travel With Christian | ParisHave enough courage to trust love one more time… & always one more time! – Maya Angelou 
Travel With Christian | ParisParisian evenings with my blogger buddy TeeKay at the newly opened Peninsula hotel.
Travel With Christian | Paris

From the terrace of the Peninsula with a perfect view of “La Dame de Fer”